Happy Birthday To Me, A 46 Year Old Teacher Just Now Learning About Drake

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After surviving so many loved ones, I've learned to never complain about a birthday, a day that isn't promised to any of us. I've gained perspective on what's a true crisis, what's worth grumbling over and what we can let go. (Most of it we can let go.) I've tried to more often share appreciation for acts of kindness and more freely say, "I love you."

Though I'm thankful for technological advances in my lifetime and the immediacy and convenience they offer, I'm even more grateful for enduring friendships, wisdom found in classic literature and the universal benevolence of people, no matter the time period. Yet I'm eagerly awaiting the next waves of innovation, excited to see how younger generations effect change.

Perhaps that's what defines my middle-agedness — straddling two centuries, looking back and looking forward while aiming to enjoy today.

Or, in the words of Drake, "I'm living life right now ... this what I'mma do till it's over."

Tyra Damm is a Briefing columnist. She can be reached at tyradamm@gmail.com.

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Source : https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2018/04/16/happy-birthday-46-year-old-middle-school-teacher-learning-drake

Happy birthday to me, a 46-year-old teacher just now learning about Drake
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