Happy Birthday Army, It’s 242nd: Theme: Over There

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“I am proud to be able to help represent the Army as a member of JFCC Space,” said Army Capt. Austin C. Baker, JFCC Space Laser Clearinghouse operations officer. “Serving alongside other joint personnel each day provides unique professional development and an opportunity to tackle hard problems in support of warfighters across the globe. The Army’s abilities as a lethal fighting force will depend on capabilities provided by or routed through the space domain, as well as the ability to defend those capabilities. The work of the men and women of Team Vandenberg is sincerely appreciated and I look forward to taking knowledge of joint planning and operations to my next Army assignment.”

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Source : http://santamariatimes.com/news/local/military/vandenberg/vandenberg-celebrates-army-s-nd-birthday/article_d4f005f8-a695-5a59-a987-b564ad123bd8.html

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