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Don’t you know we’re all in the same damn yard sale groups?








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Holla atcha girl:

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Another day, another scammer. Withro-thot Cara Acone has been jumping group to group begging for free baby stuff

She’s basically asking people to furnish an entire damn nursery, clothe her kid ’til it’s in Kindergarten, and feed it, too. Why? Because she seems to have misplaced her fiance. I hate when that happens.

Oh wait, there he is! I also see he has quite the flat-brimmed hat collection in the background, including one of a certain sport ball team that determines where you fall on the ratchet scale.





Turns out, Cara got caught flipping the items she was collecting from one group to another. The North Shore is only so big, Cara! Get it together.


Shannon was about to meet with this Winthro-thot to hand over an entire year’s wardrobe for a baby boy, just trying to help out what seemed to be an expectant mom down on her luck. Thankfully, she’s smart. She should ride the turtle.


Then we have people like Elaine… oh, Elaine. Don’t you know when you confront scammy scrubs like this, they’re just gonna deny, deny, deeee-ny? It’s what they do. No one needs to ask her, because most people have half a brain and can smell this shit from a mile away.

Thankfully, the owner of this particular group, Kristin (a wonderful lady who helped us out with the

infamous Tunaflap sidewalk baby in Maldensaw right through the bullshit and cut her off quicker than the bartender at Mixx360 cuts off NSTB after 5-too-many mojitos. So get outta town with your conspiracy theory shit, Elaine.

And in another group…

Kerrie, she *should* be, however… ratchets like this do not feel things that we normal people do. Things like shame, remorse, embarrassment – those are completely foreign concepts in the ratchetsphere.


On the tip about being arrested for drugs:


All right, let’s break this down:

  1. DCF was like “nah, chill” and didn’t show up for 6 hours, so the cops had to pull double duty as nannies
  2. Cara, who was teaching her liver to swim at Scituate beach, also happened to have Class E drugs in her possession. That’s stuff like codeine, which is pretty popular with young whippersnappers in the form of that lean/sizzurp, or ya know, morphine and opium. I’m gonna go with ‘what is morphine,’ Alex.

  3. This Winthro-thot was 24 at the time and hanging out with a chud twice her age – if you’re old enough to buy your own booze, you don’t need the “cool uncle who’s not really my uncle” anymore. That leads me to believe that there was probably a little game of bury the broomstick going on.

But wait…


Bust out that Ratchet Decoder, you’re gonna need it!

It was “just” gabapentin – an anti-convulsant that is also used to treat “nerve pain” and is often prescribed in place of opiates. It’s becoming widely abused in junkie circles as opiate pills are becoming harder to come by. Oh, and let’s not forget her Beer-a-rita, because… claaaassy, even though the cops stated they found her with an open bottle of whiskey, but let’s not split hairs between Bud Light and Four Roses.

I’m glad the Winthrop police have time to sort out ratchet affairs, too. Can’t wait to hear them chime in on this one!

And as if all that isn’t enough…

She wants to watch your turtle babies! The profile is old, but, pretty sure she’s still out there trolling for babysitting gigs. Yikes.


This is why we do what we do – to make sure kooky broads like this Winthro-thot can’t cause harm to normal people like you. It’s a public service, really. You’re welcome.


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Winthro-thot Scams North Shore Mom Groups, Turns Out She Enjoys Long Drinking Seshes On The Beach With Infants In Tow & Wants To Watch Your Baby Too
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