Fur Suddenly Looks Unfashionable In The World Of High Fashion

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Just like Donatella, in every last way. Afloat on a velvet couch with her regal lidded gaze and arch expression, she looks a lot like her own company's logo. If you've read a myth or been to a museum, you know that Medusa is a figure of ancient Greece, not Northern Italy, which prompts the question of how this snake-haired she-devil became the emblem of the most Italian brand on earth. The answer is rooted in the geographical novelty that is Magna Graecia, a stripe of Southern Italy colonized by roaming Greeks in the eighth century BCE. Included in this stripe is the city of Reggio Calabria, where the siblings Versace grew up amid archaeological ruins and pockets of people who still speak a dialect descended from ancient Greek. It seems logical that Medusa—a woman capable of literally stunning anyone who looked at her into submission—might have appealed to the young Gianni, who would, in fact, go on to define his entire company on that premise. If you think about it, the whole Versace DNA is contained in the Medusa image: classicism and sex and power and confrontation and, of course, fiercely meaningful hair. Swap out the serpents for platinum waves and suddenly the Palazzo Versace is covered in little Donatellas.

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