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By men, for men. Groundbreaking. Image via Automobile

Finally making the brave and valiant choice to cater to such an underserved market in the realm of car publications, Automobile magazine will “relaunch” in August with a goal to cater to the “modern-day car guy.” This magazine should go a long way to increase representation of men in media.

In the magazine’s research into this long-ignored segment of the population, it found that the modern-day car guy is a “multifaceted individual with multiple passions” including “design, high-end apparel, tech and travel.” This research into the often written-off gender found that these “car guys” actually have the potential to lead “highly engaged, passionate, full lives,” rather than sitting on the sidelines and looking pretty as they have for so long.


The chief marketing officer of Automobile’s parent company, The Enthusiast Network, told >Adweek the publication’s audience is “unduplicated in men’s media.” At last a magazine that serves an audience that other places ignore, stereotype and treat as some kind of rarity—along with all of those fun little microaggressions!—on a daily basis.

To drive home the commitment toward its growing-but-still-in-the-minority male audience, TEN’s chief marketing officer said car guys “are more than just car guys these days.” They “can be tech guys or watch guys, too,” he said.


How revolutionary it is to assert that men have more than one interest or passion.


With this brave, bold move by Automobile and in due time, no longer will men have to endure the long, endless road of being stereotyped in their day-to-day lives. No longer will they have to constantly hear people ask if they “really like cars” or if they’re “just here to attract the bounds of women around them” by being in the minority. And, of course, no longer will they have to fight 10 times as hard for the same respect.

Finally, a car magazine for men. It’s amazing to witness this glass ceiling being broken., index latest News this day of events, accidents, crime, law, News unique, Politics, and special reports on the world and International.

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Finally, A Car Magazine For Men
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