Fighting The Patriarchy At Cannes With Jafar Panahi's '3 Faces' And Eva Husson's 'Girls Of The Sun' - CATEGORY News metro: TITLE

Much of this subtly, bracingly pleasurable movie is spent following Panahi and Jafari as they drop in on the villagers and make inquiries. They observe firsthand the environment — largely cut off from the outside world and ruled by small, superstitious minds — that undoubtedly both gave rise to and attempted to suppress Marziyeh's defiance. They drive slowly around the hilly, rocky countryside, along winding mountain roads that are often too narrow to accommodate two cars passing each other in opposite directions — a situation that Panahi turns into an ingenious metaphor for a society mired in tradition for tradition's sake, unable to see past the end of its patriarchal nose., Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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Fighting the patriarchy at Cannes with Jafar Panahi's '3 Faces' and Eva Husson's 'Girls of the Sun'
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Day 6: Fighting the patriarchy with Jafar Panahi's '3 Faces' and Eva Husson's 'Girls of the Sun'
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