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Konami has announced a new update available today for Super Bomberman R on Switch that will add a new 3-vs-3 game mode designed for eSports events and even more new content.

super bomberman r gameplay

The new game mode, Grand Prix, is a team versus mode where two teams of up to three will face off in new stages and new characters that have special abilities. There are two different matches in the new Grand Prix mode:

  • “Crystal” Match – two teams compete to earn points by collecting crystals. Watch out for bombs! If you’re blown away you lose half of your crystals. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins.
  • “Basic Bomber” Match — two teams compete against each other using standard Bomberman rules. Each team begins with a set number of lives. To win, take out your opponents to earn the most points before the time runs out.

The new update will also introduce nine new characters to the game, a new world to the story mode, and a variety of new stages and accessories.

We have to admit that we did not expect to see Konami continue support for Super Bomberman R, a Nintendo Switch launch title. It certainly is nice to see the company add new content to the game eight months later considering its somewhat lukewarm reception.

Here’s what we said about Super Bomberman R in our launch review:

“Overall, Super Bomberman R is a Bomberman game through and through. Although the game features the classic Bomberman gameplay, an overall lack of innovation and previously developed customization makes the formula feel stale. Although the Story Mode was an enjoyable venture, the lack of depth and development of some otherwise likeable characters leaves much to be desired. Lastly, having to earn coins to purchase levels and character customization items makes the game unnecessarily feel like a free-to-play title. With this supposed return and rebirth of a beloved franchise, I hope to see Konami build upon the positives of this title and we see not just a return, but a redemption the next time around.”

The new update should be rolling out today on Switch. If it hasn’t downloaded automatically, you can force it by pressing + on the game icon and choosing Update Software.

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