Facebook's Workplace Chat App Brings Screen Sharing To The Desktop

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Facebook Workplace is launching a desktop version of its Workplace Chat app to help the more than 30,000 organizations using the service communicate faster, according to a Thursday blog post by Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace.

The messaging feature looks and acts like Facebook Messenger, giving businesses a familiar way to communicate within their organization's Workplace. The new chat app also has voice chat, screen sharing, polls, and unlimited file sharing. A group video chat option is planned to come out within weeks, according to the blog.

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"Increasingly, we've found that many customers rely on messaging for real-time, reliable communication," Codorniou wrote.

In addition to the desktop chat feature, Workplace is revamping its look, opting for lighter colors and cleaner symbols. Codorniou wrote that the redesign is based on user feedback, with a focus on easy connection and navigation.

The Workplace Chat app is the first Workplace-related desktop app, with the chat service already available on mobile and on browsers. The desktop app is available now on PC and Mac, while the mobile app can be found on Android and iOS.

For existing Workplace users, the app will allow for communications to be streamlined and in one spot along with their company's groups in the service. It lets teams in different spots or those with remote workers to work together in real-time, regardless of if they're on the go or at their desk.

But it faces competition from other messaging systems, like Slack, for business use. Since it is so similar to the preexisting Facebook Messenger, the new app may not have enough to set it apart to convince users to switch platforms.

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