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HIS WORK ETHIC and organizational skills are believed to be off the charts, his recruiting acumen has earned national recognition and his nomadic career has attracted feature stories from NPR and others. Meet the newest addition to WSU coach Ernie Kent’s revitalized basketball staff: Elwyn McRoy.

In an offseason already made notable with the hirings of assistant coaches Bennie Seltzer and Ed Haskins, Kent moments ago announced that McRoy is coming on board as the Cougars’ recruiting coordinator.

The former Cleveland State point guard spent the past three seasons -- including the last two as associate head coach -- at Coppin State in Baltimore. 

“Elwyn is a season, dedicated, passionate student of the game of basketball,” Kent said in the WSU release. “In this role, he will allow us to be very effective and efficient as we move forward as a staff.”

Twice McRoy has been saluted nationally for his recruiting expertise. In 2009, while at Arkansas State, named him one of the top 25 recruiters among mid-major assistant coaches. And during his five-year stint coaching in junior college, Basketball Times magazine selected him one of the top 10 JC recruiters in the country.

“Coach Kent is a legend, I feel honored to be able to work with a man who’s been to the Elite Eight twice, and who’s mentored so many young men in college basketball,” McRoy said in the release. “I’m just ecstatic to be able to work with him and his staff. I think this is a great fit for me and I’m a great fit for Washington State.”

In his role at WSU McRoy will oversee and coordinate recruiting efforts and play a key role in on-campus recruiting. The NCAA limits off-campus recruiting to the head coach and his three on-court assistants. 

Recruiting, it seems, is in McRoy's DNA.

Rollie Massimino, who won a national title at Villanova, said in 2013 that while McRoy was on his staff at Northwood University in Florida that his tireless assistant would “drive 10 or 15 hours, sleep in his car, and get up the next day and go.”

Former Cal and current Tennessee coach Cuanzo Martin,  who has known McRoy for many years, once characterized his friend as a “battle-tested and relentless recruiter.”

In addition to Coppin State, McRoy has been an assistant coach at five other Division I schools: Iowa State, Arkansas State, Georgia Southern, Southern University and Texas-Pan American.

His addition to the staff appears to give WSU a head-to-toe line up of strong recruiters along with Kent, Curtis Allen, Seltzer and Haskins.

McRoy has made headlines in recent years because his basketball journey highlights — in a truly dramatic way — the sacrifices and vagaries that come with being a college coach.

WSU will be his 14th stop since he began coaching in 1997 at alma mater Butler Community College in Kansas. He hit the job market this spring when Coppin released head man Michael Grant. 

The hopscotching has been built through a combination of better opportunities, the house cleanings that come when a head coach is replaced and a dogged commitment to the profession. To bring stability to their four daughters, McRoy and his wife Carmen made Seattle -- where she has family -- their "permanent" base.

That, in turn, makes WSU a natural fit.

Carmen summed up her husband's love of basketball succinctly in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s story about the nomadic life of coaching and Elwyn’s wide-ranging journey:

“He does not have hobbies, he does not have interests—it’s basketball, that’s it. From the moment he picked up that ball, it was over. It’s the only thing he ever cared about, and it defines who he is.”

The same story offered insight to his determination, as a 5-foot-5 guard, to succeed in a sport dominated by height:

As a player, he compensated for his lack of size by outworking the competition, practicing several hours a day and teaching himself to shoot with either hand. The work paid off, as he helped his team win a national championship at Hutchinson Community College, in Kansas, and then transferred to Cleveland State University.


Hometown: Wichita, Kan.

Bachelor's degree: Cleveland State

Coaching in the blood: "Both my parents were coaches (mom tennis and track, dad football and wrestling)," he told NPR in a 2014 interview. "I don't think [coaching] was a matter of if, it was just a matter of when. It's always been in my bloodlines."

College coaching history: 1997 Butler CC; 1998-2000 Independence CC; 2001-02 Redland CC; 2002-03 Frank Phillips CC (head coach); 2003-05 Southern University; 2005-06 Northwood University; 2006-08 Georgia Southern; 2008-10 Arkansas State; 2010-11 Iowa State; 2011-12 Hutchinson CC; 2012-13 Stillman College; 2013-14 Texas Pan-American; 2014-17 Coppin State.

The family on Halloween 2012:

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Ernie Kent bolsters WSU staff with recruiting coordinator Elwyn McRoy -- a guy with a resume so interesting he was featured on NPR
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