Ellen Opens Up About Being Bullied In Hollywood

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Sexual harassment is a widespread issue across the country and in many industries, but the entertainment sector presents a uniquely difficult environment for reporting instances when those who work there are essentially independent contractors and freelancers. Oftentimes the harassment is coming from the top — a director, a producer, a CEO who is often considered more worthwhile to protect than the accuser. And even when accusations reach the level of a lawsuit, they have a tendency to disappear under settlements and non-disclosure agreements.

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Source : http://www.nwitimes.com/entertainment/in-weinstein-s-wake-is-hollywood-truly-capable-of-change/article_a8d91f43-6678-56ed-8e88-04863b82fd95.html

In Weinstein's wake, is Hollywood truly capable of change?
Ellen Opens Up About Being Bullied In Hollywood
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