EXCLUSIVE: Allison Janney’s ‘Hollywood Medium’ Reading Takes An Unexpectedly Emotional Turn Watch!

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Not all of Tyler Henry’s Hollywood Medium readings go as planned.

ET has your exclusive first look at this week’s all-new episode, which sees Allison Janney sitting down with the 21-year-old clairvoyant. While Tyler tries to connect with someone from the Mom star’s life, a spirit connected to her longtime assistant, Ilana Reiss, comes through instead.

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“We are like sisters,” Allison says of Ilana, who is sitting in another room, watching the reading on a monitor.

“I have to talk about a younger female,” Tyler starts. “From her perspective, she passed before her time.”

“I’m getting pulled over there,” he adds, referencing where Ilana is seated. “From that direction, there’s an acknowledgment of cancer, but here’s a whole feeling that comes through with this, that basically, a feeling of there being a rush to get to someone’s bedside.”

“I was,” Ilana whispers.

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“What’s very distinctly coming through is an appreciation for being to told, like, you don’t have to hold on,” Tyler continues, as Ilana begins to cry.

Tyler adds that the spirit wants him to bring up the month of December and “the knowledge of three people,” which all hits hard for Ilana.

“It makes sense,” Ilana shares. “My sister passed away, and we found out she had cancer in December. She died with her two kids. She was pregnant with twins when she found out she had cancer.”

“It was a pretty traumatic event,” Allison says.

See more of the reading when Hollywood Medium airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on E! Check out the video below to see Tyler’s recent reading with Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

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EXCLUSIVE: Allison Janney’s ‘Hollywood Medium’ Reading Takes an Unexpectedly Emotional Turn -- Watch!
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