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When I don’t agree with some thing that is said or written, I like to research the topic to see the other sides perspective. Before I read this article, I will have to admit I don’t really have a positive view on cannabis. I have been taught that it’s a drug that will make you insane, crave harder drugs, become violent and act like a buffoon can’t stop laughing. I never really thought about it any deeper then that because what else was there to learn? Today I stumbled across this article and thought, “Oh great, another excuse story by a druggie.” After reading the first sentence of the story, I began to think about every thing I was taught. How can this be less dangerous then alcohol? Alcohol is legal, advertised and socially acceptable while cannabis is a drug. As I read the rest of the article I felt as if I had just woke up. How is it possible that our government could do this to us? So I started researching cannabis to try and figure out what or where I went wrong. After reading several articles regarding scare tactics used, I thought about how racist this law was. Little things like:

“In 1937, Harry Anslinger told Congress that there were between 50,000 to 100,000 marijuana smokers in the U.S., mostly “Negroes and Mexicans, and entertainers,” and their music, jazz and swing, was an outgrowth of this marijuana use. He insisted this “satanic” music and the use of marijuana caused white women to “seek sexual relations with Negroes!”

“Harry J. Anslinger warned the nation in an openly racist fashion that Jazz and marijuana had blacks and whites sitting down as equals and even “dancing together in teahouses.”

I just can’t see a nation like ours condoning such statements. I have just read about them, I wonder how many other people haven’t because they didn’t take the time like I (and many others I’m sure) have, it only took 20 minutes to find out some very interesting information. I also was reading the transcript from Harry J. Anslinger’s address to the congress to get the Marihuana Tax Act passed in 1937. In the address he states there is no connection to people moving onto harder drugs.

After reading several newspaper articles from archives online I came to the conclusion that this Law has a racist founding. But that was just how they thought back then, granted it was very wrong and inhumane. I read comments of people stating that this was an extended form of slavery, as most of the inmates were forced into work programs. I didn’t like what I found, but surely it has remained illegal not because of its racist nature, there had to be truth behind the fact it made you stupid or insane. To me it made no sense for it to remain illegal unless people were at serious risk to themselves or others. So I started to look at why people used cannabis and how it made them feel and act.

People claim to use cannabis to reduce stress or inspire creativity. Anything that reduces stress is good in my book. They say they feel an euphoric sensation that lasts between 1-3 hours. The fact I found the most interesting was that there are no reported deaths from overdose. The negative studies I read claimed that it lowers testosterone, sperm count, it raises violence in violent prone people (whatever that means??) and causes cancer. I won’t even try to go into the benefits, as they are beyond numerous, but they have an answer for the above listed arguments and then some. Something I thought was weird, how could something lower the testosterone while raising violent tendencies? That just didn’t fit. As far as the cancer causing argument, Polonium 210 is found in almost every plant grown in soil with Uranium 238 in it. Polonium 210 is not found in the resin on cannabis, the part that contains the THC and what not. Consumers that have been smoking most often prefer to smoke hashish, pure resin “heads”, if everyone was able to smoke hashish wouldn’t that make a safer product? In fact, I came across a few studies that said pure THC injected into brain tumours in mice caused the cancer cell to feed on themselves while leaving the healthy cells undisturbed. I found that to be incredible, even though it wasn’t a for sure study, the fact that it was done is amazing! The fact that the United States Drug Czar said the other day, “Medical cannabis has no medical value. Legalisation is not in my vocabulary or the President’s.”, yet: “US Patent 6630507 – Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants; issued October 7, 2003.” Actually there are ~30 patents pertaining to this. How can he say that while holding medical rights to it? When you look at the health risks of cannabis, they are hard to compare with health effects of alcohol, so I won’t go into that.

If it doesn’t make you go crazy or violent, have major health concerns or seem to worse then any other legal substance available, in fact seems like a safer alternative. So what on earth could be so bad about cannabis?? Our kids are getting it from Cartels and gangs, saying it’s easier to get then the all to available alcohol sitting on supermarket shelves. The cartels and drug dealers don’t care how old a person is, only how much money a person can make them. They want return customers for an income that is untouched by taxes or regulation.

That leads me to this point, I did not care much for cannabis before I read this article. After doing research that took me less then a half hour to perform, my opinion was changed. No matter how many studies I read conducted by the government appointed research centers, I just couldn’t see the truth behind it. Especially when this plant can do so much for us right now with global emissions, auto mobile fuel, replacing almost every petrol based product… The list can go on for quite some time. I have changed my perspective on cannabis and currently trying to obtain some to try. I hope that honesty and openness helps other see what they call a hideous monster drug, is in fact a precious flower.

Do some reading, look into the subject a little more. Also, there is more then one way to consume cannabis, you don’t have to smoke it and can actually lessen the negative effects. There is allot of information out there now a days, I hope and pray that people will read at least one or two articles stating the benefits of cannabis, if not for the sake of being open minded. We should tax this product, stop passing the taxes onto the hard working Americans who can hardly afford next months rent. We should regulate, educate and tax it. Thank you for your time for reading my comment., Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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