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This combination of Trump's improvisational style, the immediacy of Twitter, and international politics has proven to be a potent and terrifying one. When news broke that North Korea had successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead, what we'd hope a president would do is gather with his top foreign policy advisers and go over all the implications of what every possible statement could be. How will any statement affect our relationship with South Korea and Japan, countries that are more directly in North Korea's line of fire? How will it affect our relationships with the United Nations, an organization that just unanimously voted to sanction North Korea (which means the not-so-small feat of getting support from China)? How will North Korea receive it and are we escalating or deescalating the situation? But that's not what happened. Instead Trump "improvised" and said that we'd bring "fire" and "fury" like the world has never seen if North Korea keeps threatening us., Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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