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It's 2018. We have drones and hoverboards, our phones unlock by scanning our faces and anything in the world can be delivered to your door with a couple of clicks. Why should we be stuck with buying or leasing as our only means of procuring a car to drive?



Thankfully, vehicle subscription services are becoming more and more popular. Think of it like any other subscription: Sign up for what you want, cancel it when you're done. From automakers to third-party companies, there are many ways to subscribe to your next new car.

The OEMs

If you're familiar with any vehicle subscription service, it's probably one of these. In essence, you pay a monthly fee to a manufacturer for access to several vehicle models in its lineup. In addition to access, this fee covers the cost of insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.

a close up of a device: Book by Cadillac© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Book by Cadillac

Book by Cadillac

Cadillac's service was one of the first OEM subscriptions to be announced when it debuted in January, 2017. Initially, it was available only in New York City, but as the program continued, its service area expanded and will soon be offered to drivers in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Getting into Book will cost some coin. First, there is a $500 enrollment fee, and then you're shelling out $1,800 per month for the service. The upside to Book is that it gives you access to some of the best stuff that Cadillac makes, and it allows you to swap cars up to 18 times per year. Plus, when you're accepted, your spouse can legally drive the vehicles as well.

Say you want an Escalade to drive around during the week and then you want to swap it out for a CTS-V for the weekend. Not a problem. With Book, just fire up the app and make your selection, and a concierge service will drop off your vehicle for you.

Cadillac is careful to mention in its user agreement that members are responsible for returning the car to Cadillac clean, which means no dog hair or weird smells, lest you be subject to a $150 fine. Finally, the deductible for Book's insurance is $1,000, so factor that into your decision as well.

Care by Volvo© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo

Volvo launched its Care by Volvo service at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2017 alongside its new XC40 crossover. The Swedish automaker has since vowed to include all of its models in the Care program, but currently, we only have pricing for the XC40.

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