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I moved myself into my first post-grad apartment using judiciously timed uber pools and three large suitcases. To put it in the most positive lighting possible, I'll just say it was an "inventive" and affectionately scrappy time in my life. 

If you just graduated, most of your savings are likely headed to some other, more worthy place (like your building's security deposit) than to things like leather couches and the zen lobby fountains that work without making a sound.

Instead, you're likely trying to furnish an apartment that feels more elevated than a college dorm room but also doesn't leave you indebted to West Elm for the next couple years. I wanted to make my apartment feel like home, and I had more time than money, so I spent quite a few hours trying to life-hack good style and function for under $1,500 (which, if you split the common-use items with roommates, is pretty manageable).

If you've got a modest budget, though, it pays to do the heavy-lifting of research and guarantee you'll be happy and only need to spend the money once. 

Below are the 11 main purchases my roommates and I made to fit the bill of a unique, adult space that didn't break the post-grad budget., index Latest News of business criminal law politics soccer sports celebrity lifestyle video images in the world and the world today.

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