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It’s not often the poster of a film carries a disclaimer. The recently-released poster of Vijay Antony-starrer Annadurai has ‘Pugai pidiththal udal nalathiku kedu vilaivippathagum’ (smoking is injurious to health) plastered on it in a large font.

Director Srinivasan tells us, “Unlike other filmmakers, I am not diplomatic to have that one-liner somewhere like a mosquito flying across the screen. I stand by the film that I’ve made. We haven’t done these things to garner attention. My protagonist Annadurai is a chain smoker, and when you see the film, you’ll understand why we did that for our promotions.”

Srinivasan is really concerned about today’s youngsters. “Everyone thinks smoking is a cool habit. But it’s not. I am scared for my son, and I wonder what I can do to keep him away from such bad habits. Though I am making a commercial film, I have certain responsibilities as a filmmaker,” he adds., Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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Director justifies smoking disclaimer on Annadurai poster
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