Did A Spanish Magazine Confirm Gen 8 In Pokémon Switch?

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A new rumor about the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokémon game seemingly confirms that Gen 8 is coming.

Nintendo, in conjunction with the Barcelona International Comic Fair, which took place April 12-15, released a magazine to attendees showcasing upcoming Switch titles, including Pokémon. Here are some screenshots of the magazine from the event.

Guzzlord appears before Nanu in 'Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon': pokemon ultra sun and moon guzzlord © GameFreak pokemon ultra sun and moon guzzlord

The Pokémon section states the Switch game will see the introduction of the eighth generation. Since GameFreak first announced the next mainline game would come to the Nintendo Switch, fans have speculated whether the new title would be a remake or a new generation. Earlier this month, a supposed screenshot appeared online showing the trainer riding a Lapras, suggesting the Pokémon Switch game would be a remake of the Kanto Region games. While Nintendo was an official sponsor of the Barcelona event, fans should remain skeptical. Serebii’s Joe Merrick pointed out on Twitter how magazines, even official ones, can get information wrong.  

Both Pokémon Sun and Moon in 2016 and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in 2017 were part of Generation 7. With the story of the Alola Region seemingly finished, it makes sense that GameFreak and The Pokémon Company move on to a new generation, or at least to remakes of a generation that hasn’t been done before like Gen 4.

E3 2018 will take place in June and new Pokémon games are not usually announced during the event. GameFreak and The Pokémon Company announced   Pokémon Sun and Moon a month or so prior to E3 2016, with additional information and gameplay at the event itself. So if the Pokémon Switch is coming to this year’s E3, expect more official news soon.

So what do you think? Will the Pokémon Switch games be Gen 8 or something else? Let us know in the comments section below

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Did a Spanish Magazine Confirm Gen 8 in Pokémon Switch?
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