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As Twitchy reported, Megyn Kelly finally fired back at Jane Fonda, who, in Kelly’s words, appeared to be fixated on an exchange about plastic surgery during an interview months ago.

Kelly finally had enough and gave Fonda both barrels on air, much to the disgust of actress Debra Messing.

Megyn Kelly responds to criticism from Jane Fonda saying that she has no regrets about asking about Fonda’s plastic surgery. Then she goes on to address Fonda’s own past, “Hanoi Jane,” and says she’s in no position to talk about what’s offensive.

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) January 22, 2018

“Hanoi Jane” is in no position to talk about what’s offensive? How offensive!

This is disgusting. Shameful.

— Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) January 22, 2018

What Fonda did was disgusting and shameful.

I agree. Jane is disgusting.

— IKET 🇺🇸🇳🇿 (@IKantEvenToday) January 22, 2018

It really was.

So glad @megynkelly called out the shameful and disgusting way Hanoi Jane treats everyone she doesn't respect, like our troops and real journalists.

— Sandy (@RightGlockMom) January 22, 2018

No @DebraMessing, what’s disgusting was @Janefonda looking through North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunsights as our planes flew by, and what’s even more disgusting is you defending her.

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) January 22, 2018

While my father and his team were fighting for their lives in Vietnam, Hanoi Jane was fraternizing with the enemy. She called American POWs hypocrites and liars. That's disgusting.

— Rev. Mauldin 🏍 (@Reverend_Ducati) January 22, 2018

Maybe you should prioritize American heroes, like VADM James Stockdale, who were tortured and sometimes murdered by the communist bastards Hanoi Jane cavorted with, over your Hollywood traitor pal.

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) January 22, 2018

No it isn’t. The truth hurts. She betrayed our nation’s heroes, and has not truly expressed regret for it.

Warriors from every generation will remember Hanoi Jane.

And we always will.

— Sean Parnell (@SeanParnellUSA) January 22, 2018

i don't get it. jane fonda has been shading megyn kelly since September but the second kelly finally "claps back" and defends herself, she's labeled as "disgusting" by so-called feminists

— Jessica Chasmar (@JessicaChasmar) January 22, 2018


The women of The Resistance have to stick together, you know.


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