DC's Shazam Movie Release Date Confirmed

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Warner Bros, the studio behind DC’s Extended Universe, has confirmed the release date of Shazam to The Hollywood Reporter. The release date is set for April 5, 2019.

Shazam is based on the superhero of the same name. Zachary Levi is cast to play the title role and although Dwayne Johnson was reportedly cast as the villainous Black Adam, the latest information suggests that he will not appear in the film and will instead have a solo film first. David F. Sandberg, known for his horror movies, is directing the film.

Currently, DCEU is something of a mess. The first live-action team-up of DC’s top superheroes, Justice League, received mixed to negative reviews and fell way short of what the studio had expected owing to its enormous budget, that had swelled even more after extensive reshoots. The film seemed doomed from the beginning, after the makers fought over whether to keep it dark or light, and then Zack Snyder, the director of the film, had to leave the project due to a family tragedy.

But for rest of the DCEU too, with the sole exception of last January’s huge success Wonder Woman, has not exactly done any wonders. This is why the upcoming solo films like Aquaman, Shazam, and so on are so important. They might put the floundering franchise on track so that it would be able to stand its ground against Marvel’s superbly successful cinematic universe that would get its third flagship film Avengers: Infinity War this year. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

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