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A Hibiscus Cooler topped with dried hibiscus, from Mix Rocktails & Tapas in Cape Coral.(Photo: Special to The News-Press)


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Wet enough for you?

Just in time for all of us to rejoice in better drive times around the Cape, torrential rains came and slowed everything down again.  Such is life in paradise. 

Let's take our minds off the wet weather and look at some of the top Cape Coral stories this week on

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JLB review: Finding the right Mix

It's one of the new hot spots leading the South Cape renaissance of restaurants and nightlife.  So, what is Jean Le Boeuf's take on Mix Rocktails & Tapas in Cape Coral? See how an "incredibly talented chef and a stellar team of bartenders are working to find their audience".

Cape Coral restarts negotiations with LCEC

Back to the table. But will the results be different? LCEC said repeatedly it would not negotiate a new franchise agreement, so we'll keep an eye and ear on the newly rekindled talks.

Cape Coral home builder closed for business

A big-name builder in the Cape shuts down, and many are not sure why. It's possible that the big boom in Cape Coral's middle market peaked last year, and the company grew too fast.

New candidate files for Cape mayor

One candidate enters -- another candidate leaves. While the latest competitor in the race for Cape Coral mayor is no stranger to the campaign trail. One thing's for sure, this might be the hottest local race in Southwest Florida.

One year later: Questions remain about Cape Coral gunman's rampage

Last year, I was inside the Home Depot on Skyline when the first shots were fired in this killing spree that shook the Cape to its core. Today, we're still picking up the pieces in this deadly rampage and searching for answers.

A look back: Cape Coral's mosquito trouble

More than 60 years ago, life looked pretty good for a mosquito calling pre-developed Cape Coral home.  That's when a mosquito's worst nightmare came to lay a reckoning and change the region forever: Director Wayne Miller and the newly formed Mosquito District.

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Cape Life Weekly: The mayor, mosquitoes, and Mix-ing it up
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