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For those who have forgotten, Ted Cruz won election to the Senate back in 2012, upsetting David Dewhurst in the GOP primary and winning it both it and the general election over Democrat Paul Sadler with 56% of the vote. He has remained absolutely vile in his partisan sniping since we last profiled him this time last year, and since continuing in the national consciousness as a presidential candidate:

-March 9th, 2015: Sen. Cruz joins 46 other Republican senators who sign a letter sent to the leaders or Iran, trying to undermine foreign policy during nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and Iran, and earning them the sobriquet of "47 traitors", as the move may have been a violation of the Logan Act.  

-March 26th, 2015: Cruz discusses climate change, and calls himself a “modern day Galileo”, while comparing “global warming alarmists” to “flat-Earthers”, without any irony whatsoever.

-March 29th, 2015: Pundits are baffled when Ted Cruz admits he signed up for the Affordable Care Act, which her purports to hate.

-April 1st, 2015: Speaking at Liberty University to announce his presidential campaign, Ted Cruz promises to repeal federal Common Core educational standards. There’s just one problem with that… there are no federal Common Core standards. He was promising to repeal something that doesn’t exist.  

-April 3rd, 2015: Cruz and several other prominent Republican senators file a brief with the Supreme Court to "reject gay marriages".

-April 29th, 2015: Ted Cruz blames rioting in Baltimore after protests over the death of Freddie Gray on President Obama, who Cruz claims “enflamed racial tensions”.

-May 30th, 2015: Sen. Cruz is at a town hall in New Hampshire, where he claims that President Obama never mentions when terrorism occurs based on religious extremism or discusses the victims of it being Christian, citing attacks in Paris and Libya as proof. Factcheck followed up, and surprise! Cruz was lying, and the president mentioned precisely was Cruz claimed he hadn’t.

-June 2nd, 2015: Days after Vice-President Biden’s son Beau succumbed to brain cancer and died, Ted Cruz starts joking at his expense while the man is grieving.


"Vice President Joe Biden. You know the nice thing? You don't need a punch line.”

-June 3rd, 2015: Cruz appears in Michigan, where he criticizes the bailout of General Motors early in the Obama administration. This is bizarre because it’s the same bailout that saved the American auto industry and saved tens of thousands of jobs.

-June 22nd, 2015: Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign begrudgingly returns a donation of $8500 from a supporter who just so happens to be Earl Holt, the leader of the Neo-Confederate hate group the Council of Conservative Citizens.

-June 29th, 2015: Sen. Cruz tries laying blame for the Birther movement on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. The problem? Factcheck looked into his claim, and found it to be “false”, and that the rumor only came to be after Clinton had abandoned her campaign in June 2008.

-July 10th, 2015: After the New York Times notes that Ted Cruz’s new book was being bought in bulk by his own SuperPAC to inflate his sales numbers and get him on their Bestselling Authors’ mix, Cruz whines about how the rules shouldn’t change now that they don’t work in his favor.

-July 22nd, 2015: Ted Cruz reacts to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, calling it “the very definition of tyranny” and “abuses” from the justices.  

-July 29th, 2015: In a Senate hearing, Sen. Cruz accuses Secretary of State John Kerry of “apologizing” to Iranian commander Qassim Suleimani. When Kerry objects, saying that he never used the word “apology” and asks that Cruz stop “distorting his words”, Cruz promptly ignores him and immediately accuses him of then refusing to apologize to the family members of American servicemen murdered by Suleimani.

-August 3rd, 2015: Cruz votes for the GOP Senate’s to attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, based off of manufactured outrage over the heavily edited “sting” videos of Planned Parenthood employees engineered by a Right to Life Group regarding fetal tissue transport fees that have been repeatedly debunked by investigators.  

-Also on August 3rd, Ted Cruz airs a campaign video that shows how much he loves the 2nd Amendment, which he demonstrates by cooking, and then eating bacon cooked on the barrel of a machine gun by firing it to heat it up. (Hint: This isn’t exactly a traditionally presidential thing to do.)

-August 21st, 2015: One day after former President Jimmy Carter announces he is fighting a brave battle with terminal brain cancer, Ted Cruz makes the classy decision to criticize his presidency at the Iowa State Fair. (I’ll editorialize here and say, “WOW, what a douche.”)

-August 24th, 2015: Sen. Cruz is campaigning in Iowa, when he is confronted by actress Ellen Page about his stance on the LGBT community, and whether or not he thinks it’s right to use “religious freedom” as an excuse to discriminate against gay people. Cruz dodges her question, instead seguing their conversation into the absurd claim that “ISIS is executing gay people and Iran is executing homosexuals, and you hear NOTHING about it on the left.” Which Page pointed out isn’t true. Cruz then ignored her and blamed President Obama on a lack of action on protecting gay people globally (when he has made global initiatives on that front), without answering her question about discrimination.

-August 25th, 2015: Ted Cruz openly discusses shutting down the government again over the funding of Planned Parenthood, in spite of knowing that there would likely not be enough votes to do so, let alone enough to get a veto-proof majority. In the end, in his own words, this was his hope:

"It will be a decision of the president's and the president's alone whether he would veto funding for the federal government because of a commitment to ensuring taxpayer dollars continue to flow to what appears to be a national criminal organization."
Please note, no criminal wrongdoing was ever found by Planned Parenthood. And he’s talking about shutting down the government just to try and hang a veto around President Obama’s neck. Which, considering he’s in his second term, he’s got no skin in the game if it would be something that would hurt him in an election (which polls show a majority support Planned Parenthood, so they would). In short, Ted Cruz is an idiot ready to shut down the government for the most flimsy of excuses, without any fear of the obvious political consequences, which he probably should have learned when he conned his party into doing it 2 years ago.

-September 8th, 2015: Sen. Cruz tries to go to Kentucky to help make a martyr out of jailed County clerk Kim Davis, while she was in jail, and further his false narrative of “Christian victimization” in America. Unfortunately for him, she was released from jail the day he arrived in the state, and the spotlight was stolen by GOP Primary rival Mike Huckabee.

-September 22nd, 2015: Ted Cruz votes for for HR 36, a ban on abortion at 20 weeks. It is filibustered by Democrats (the president would have likely vetoed it if it hit his desk, and even if that happened, it would be expected to be deemed unconstitutional via the Roe v. Wade ruling).

-October 14th, 2015: At a campaign stop in Iowa, Cruz lies and tells a crowd that the Black Lives Matter movement “literally embracing and celebrating the murder of police officers”.

-October 28th, 2015: At the third GOP Presidential Primary debate, Sen. Cruz was asked by moderator Carl Quintanilla about his previous objections to approving a budget for the federal government that would raise the debt ceiling, a relevant topic given similar legislation was moving through the GOP House with a minority of the Republicans voting with all of Democrats to move it through. Cruz, however, did not answer the question, and instead spent the time allotted for his answer bemoaning how “liberal media” moderators give Republicans a harder time during the debates, and fawn over Democrats, to applause from the crowd. (Incidentally, in the first Democratic debate, Anderson Cooper of CNN went after each of the five Democrats on their biggest Achilles’ heels in his OPENING question, so this charge wasn’t just a rehearsed dodge, it’s completely ridiculous.)

There are only so many ways someone can be an ***hole, but Ted Cruz is a man who also seems to find new ways of defining himself as one. I have also found, whenever posting his picture, that the reaction from a great majority seems to be admitting to having an inexplicable urge to punch the man in the face. The more you hear of his politics, the more that urge increases. Even when he announced his run for president at Liberty University, they had to threaten the student body with fines if they weren't FORCED to hear him talk (making the name of the university sadly ironic, on that day).

The only way he's managed to score points with prospective GOP voters is by rehearsing an extended whiny rant about CNBC moderators being a part of the "liberal media" (in spite of literally being the Wall Street network) and then wanting his party to skulk further off to the right to their own bubble, rather than meet the majority of Americans on normal terms. Hopefully, he rises no higher than his current standing of 4th in the GOP Primary polling.

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