CBFC Asks For A New Disclaimer: No Cows Were Harmed During The Making Of The Movie

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Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh starrer Udta Punjab starrer Udta Punjab landed in the post production hell that every film maker fears – Censor Board asking for cuts that will botch the tone of the film. Well Pahlaj Nihalani, the current chief of the CBFC is probably the most despised man right now. His own movies, from earlier times, with very objectionable content have somehow missed the guidelines of the CBFC and got released, but God forbid if Udta Punjab wanted to talk about drug abuse in laymen language. But Pahlaj is not the only one who got away with it during pre-SRK era. This one GIF is going viral on the internet that shows…well…Jaylalithaa making orgasmic faces while milking a cow!


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— bollyglot gifs (@BollyglotGifs) February 18, 2016


Jaylalithaa is currently the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, but was formerly a popular South actress. In this scene that is going viral, the actress is seen helping a man milk a cow. A few seconds into the process she starts enjoying it. A little too much. More than one should enjoy milking a cow. We are Googling for the movie as you read. Hang in there. Internet being internet…people started coming up with hilarious jokes, one even questions the credibility of CBFC.


and censor board was ok with this pic.twitter.com/G6zQpRazG0

— Micro-ambitious (@pal36) June 9, 2016


Forget the joke that goes like what was the first man who milked a cow trying to do! What is Amma trying to do?

Leave your interpretations of the gif in the comments section below. Actually…on second thoughts please don’t.

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Jaylalithaa getting turned on while milking a cow will make you question the credibility of Censor Board back then!
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