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Nice finish, very compact feel. I guess Browning's rifles have been made in Japan since '74, does it matter?

The guy at the counter told me the semi-auto in particular has a real easy takedown system. It has the strange feed-ammo-thru-the-stock thing, and holds 11 rounds with bottom ejection. Is this a neat setup, or just a gimmick?

I'm just wondering what the consensus is on Browning's Grade I rimfires. I never hear much about them. Are they worth it, or should I get something else?

Oh, and the BL-22 lever action was a thing of beauty! 15-rounds in the tube is nice too...


For a bit less money the Rem 552 Speedmaster had a similar 'real' gun quality to it. 15-round cap tube mag, nice finish, and American made. Takes .22 shorts too...


Both felt like a cut above a 10/22 or Marlins I've been looking at, but they cost more too.

But if I'm looking for and accurate, quality rifle with some personality, these two seem pretty nice.

Anybody have one of these or at least shot one enough to form an opinion?, Site News Today\\\'s world Presenting Daily News News News Politics, Business, Sports Up Celebrity Gossip.

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