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Filmmaker Brett Haley has a thing for the underdog, a theme and topic he’s explored with grace and honesty throughout all of his films (don’t sleep on his 2010 feature debut “The New Year,” which treads similar ground in an even more confined package). The filmmaker has been prolific over the past three years, churning out back-to-back low-key charmers “The Hero” and “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” before turning his attention to his latest, the amiable music dramedy “Hearts Beat Loud.”

The film debuted at Sundance back in January, and is now primed for a summer release. This time around, Haley is edging a little younger than his previous offerings, as the film stars “Dope” breakout Kiersey Clemons and perennial favorite Nick Offerman as a Brooklyn father and daughter who undertake an unexpected musical endeavor. “We are not a band,” Clemons’ Sam tells her dad, which he then cleverly uses as, well, their band name. Soon, the pair’s not-quite band is getting some serious attention, which might threaten both their strong bond and Sam’s collegiate dreams.

Plus, the songs sound really, really great.

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And that on-screen bonding? It’s real. “I can’t imagine having anyone else play my dad in a movie and to have to be so vulnerable and open and loving,” Clemons told Entertainment Weekly. “It was such a dream to have someone like him to be so cozy and call ‘Dad’ for two months. He refers to me as his goddess daughter.”

The film also stars Toni Collette, Blythe Danner, Ted Danson, and Sasha Lane, and while the film already seems to be angling for the title of feel-good feature of the summer, it’s also making a strong bid for film with the best supporting cast of the year. Kudos all around! Check out the first trailer for “Hearts Beat Loud” below.

Gunpowder & Sky will release “Hearts Beat Loud” on June 8.

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