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Most of the time here at AutoSpies. com we give you 2 or 3 choices and ask you to pick the best, and usually some compelling arguments are made in defense of or against the choices we offer, but the fact is sometimes the choices we offer simply aren't cars you are actually in the market for.

With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to throw at you the entire market, or at least the market that exists below $50K and ask you what you think is the best car for less than $50K.

There are a lot of worthy competitors that fit this bill ranging from full blown mid-size luxury sedans, a plethora of sporty coupes including a Porsche take comes in under $50K.  Numerous SUV's fit the bill, I guess you could consider a minivan in here as well if you needed to, the point I am trying to make though is with ALL the choices available right now at or below $50K, WHICH CAR DO YOU THINK IS BEST?

I have taken the liberty of picking a few, any 3-Series BMW falls into line here, I would go with a 335i sedan loaded with the manual transmission to help hold the line below $50K.

A Porsche Boxster is a worthy addition to any garage, and at the end of the day the Boxster is sure to induce a lot of smiles from any owner.

A Corvette is another sports car that I would be proud to have in my garage, and like the Boxster it is sure to increase the smile per mile quotient.  Of course the ZR1 shown here is a little more money than the base Corvette, I am sure you could probably buy some parts aftermarket to make your base Vette look more like a ZR1.

Infiniti has several interesting offerings including the full lineup of G37 sedans, coupes and convertibles, but the M35/M45 serve as honorable mention as do the GS models from Lexus.

But lets get down to brass tacks here, the truth is you DON'T CARE which cars I think are interesting or "The Best", you are here to tell US what cars you think are the best.

So why not check in here and share with us your insights and observations, let's crown a "Best Car for less than $50K" this weekend, allowing you the reader to choose the winner.

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