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Mutifuncational Lens: 120°Wide Angel Lens can capture wide range view, make the picture more shocking; 180°Fisheye Lens makes the picture shows in the form of fisheye, shooting is interesting; 20X Macro and 10X Macro Lens capture the detail of subject clearity, such as flower and insect ect; Telephoto Lens used to shoot distant scenes, it can more effectively blur the background highlight the focus of the main body

The Lens for use very convenient and simple. The mirror shell integration design concept - the industry-leading, bring more convenient and more cool photography experience. Always switch four functions of Macro, Wide-angle, Telephoto, Fisheye photography, to meet the different needs. TPU protective housing can be used alone, lens loading shell a variety of options, more functional, more widely used

@The unique lens installation method allows external lens positioning more accurate, faster, reduce the lens connection cumbersome operation, solve the external lens and mobile phone lens focus deviation problem. @Adapt to a wide range of lenses, from interesting Mini lens to SLR professional lens, can be quickly converted, suitable for different customers in different scenarios, Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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