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Tyron Smith comes in at No. 6 on our list, and the best way to sum him up is to describe him as the prototypical left tackle of days of old from a purely physical standpoint. A monster at 6'7", Smith looks the part coming off the bus more so than maybe anyone else on this list. Trent Williams edged out Smith by a hair on this list, but both had nearly identical NFL1000 grades from us last season, and trying to pick between the two in a vacuum is splitting hairs between two great players.

Smith was our highest-graded run-blocker at left tackle last year and was only barely edged out by Lane Johnson (in his limited snaps) and Zach Strief in that category among all tackles. His play strength is his trump card in the ground game, and his ability to drive defenders out of his short set separates him in that regard. His dominance in the run game was a big part of Ezekiel Elliott's 1,631 rushing yards last year, not only from a tone-setting standpoint, but also from an efficiency one. Elliott ran for 7.50 yards per carry in the LION (leftside) C gap that Smith occupied last year, compared to 4.84 YPC in every other gap on the Cowboys front, according to Marcus Mosher's charting at Sharp Football Stats.

Smith didn't grade out quite as high in pass protection as he did on the ground, but he's still a big asset there. Smith came in fourth among left tackles in pass protection grading last year, but everyone at the top is close, except for David Bakhtiari who paced the group. The pass protection aspect of Smith's game is a marvel to watch at times though, as it is rare to watch someone so big and long move the way he does. Smith relies on his physical tools in pass pro, as his ability to explode out of phase and defend the outside hip against almost anyone forces most pass-rushers to try to work back inside on him. Smith knows this, though, and each year he has done a better job processing that and being consistent with his hand placement when working back to the ball.

The only question with Smith is if he can stay healthy and durable. He battled with an MCL and bulging disk in his back last year, and apparently his back has still bothered him through camp. It remains to be seen if this issue turns into a more long-term problem. All in all, though, Smith is the definition of blue chip and firmly belongs in the top 10 on this list. — Ethan Young, NFL1000 Offensive Line Scout, Site News Today\\\'s world Presenting Daily News News News Politics, Business, Sports Up Celebrity Gossip.

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