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The man began working as a freelance accountant at the Haus der Kunst in 1995, gradually gathering more and more responsibility over the years - including the power to hire staff and draw up shift plans.

This makes the affair "the most interesting Scientology case we've had so far in Germany," according to Arnd Diringer, a lawyer who has written extensively about the Church in Germany. Should the manager contest his termination in court, Diringer thinks the legal ramifications could expose all of the state's long-running problems with Scientology.

"If he deliberately hired other Scientologists, then he may of course have violated his responsibilities as a personnel manager," he told DW. "He is of course obliged to hire people impartially." But Diringer had another concern - what if the man used Scientology-based management techniques for the job? "Then it'll be interesting to see if using those techniques count as a reason for dismissal," he added., Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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Bavarian intelligence agency says Scientologists secretly took over one of the world's top art galleries
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Stories for July 2017
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