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Genesis, which is Hyundai’s newly launched, standalone luxury brand, isn’t just about executive sedans, despite its first two offerings, the G80 and the G90. Now the entry-level sedan, the G70, will make its official debut very soon. Here it is.

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What Hyundai Plans To Do To Make Genesis The Next Lexus 

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First spotted on Instagram user car_photographer_yjs’s account by >Motor Authority, this appears to be a nearly production-ready G70. The outlet reports that Genesis confirmed that the G70 will officially be unveiled in Seoul on Sept. 15. That’s not too far away!


Meanwhile, a reader sent us this photo of what looks like a G70 mule driving around in Chino, California. It would make sense, since the Hyundai’s California Design and Technical Center is located in nearby Irvine. The mule’s profile admittedly doesn’t look terribly compelling, but I suppose that’s why it’s wearing camo.

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If the luxury sedan segment is crowded, then the entry-level sporty sedan segment is absolutely saturated. You have some tough opponents to beat, like the BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4, the Lexus IS and the Cadillac ATS. What will the G70 have that differentiates it from these other offerings?

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