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In a new Top Gear video, our favorite sideways-sliding British auto journalist, Chris Harris, takes what is arguably the best BMW M car currently for sale and pits it against the awesome 1M Coupe.

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The BMW M2 Really Is The Best M Car You Can Buy Right Now

If you still don’t believe the BMW M2 is today’s best M car even after it showed up the M4 on the…

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Despite the fact that these cars were made five years apart, their spec sheets read almost the same. Both cars bring 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six motors to the fight, with the 365-horsepower M2 getting a slight advantage in the power department over the 335 HP 1M. However, both cars match each other in the torque department by calling on an over boost feature that delivers 369 lb-ft. The 1M’s shorter wheelbase and slightly lower curb weight should give it an advantage in the corners, but the M2 has an array of advanced features to maximize grip.

Given the low production numbers, the 1M coupe has already achieved collector status. Time will tell how hardcore BMW fanatics will view the M2.

It’s safe to say that both of the cars are excellent examples of the BMW ///M philosophy. As to which one is better, it all comes down to how you plan on using it. Head on over to >Top Gear’s website to see the full video., index News of business criminal law politics soccer sports celebrity lifestyle video images in the world and the world today.

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