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has taken another hiatus, which leaves us with plenty of time to ponder what comes next. Warning: spoilers ahead. Episode 13 leaves us with Archie's welcome into the Lodge mob family by, shocker, none other than Hermione Lodge.

Archie starts out so sweet and innocent. Unlike with Betty, we didn't see a dark streak in him from the beginning, which begs the question: will Archie make a good mobster? Archie's descent into the mob world could be glorious for a number of reasons.

1. He has an edge.

We start to see Archie's edge when he first sleeps with his teacher. Then he really sheds his boyish reputation when he stays up all night waiting for a potential murderer with a baseball bat, heads a protection squad against the Black Hood, and accompanies Jughead to confront the Serpents. Despite all this, I was still shocked when he lies to the FBI agent about Hiram Lodge's sneaky behavior. That's when Archie really comes into his own, defying the law. Another shocking exposure of Archie's dark side is when he savagely beats up a bed-bound Nick St. Clair.


2. He is easily led.

Archie's innocence can be quite annoying. Yes, it comes in handy when he breaks up dangerous car races involving his best friend and the Serpents by snitching to the cops. It also makes him believe the best in everyone and try to give everyone a chance, regardless of their background. But he has a naive attitude that lets him be influenced quite easily. He believes that underneath it all, Hiram is a good guy and wouldn't kill anyone, whereas I'm not quite so sure.

3. He is unsure about what he wants to do in life.

Lets face it: Archie seems like a bit of a drifter. Sure, he has that

High School Musical-style awakening where he sacrifices sports to follow his true passion, music. That storyline drifts away until the only mention of Archie's music is when he's roped into singing at an event. He's not even out of high school yet, at a prime age to be steered into another career . . . one that involves undertaking a business internship from a mobster.

4. He needs the money.

One of the main reasons people get caught up in crime? Money. We know the Andrews family isn't rich. We saw the Lodges pay for Fred Andrews's medical bill, and Fred has worried over the future of his business countless times. It makes sense that Archie, seeing all that Veronica has, would wish that kind of financial security for himself and his family.

5. He loves Veronica.

This is the MAIN reason Archie might become a great mobster. Archie comes across as your typical boy next door. He's hardworking, honest, and nice and comes across as endearingly innocent. One thing that perseveres throughout anything that darkens his character is that anything he does is motivated by love. Setting up a gang to protect the town against the Black Hood, wanting to kill his father's shooter, beating up Veronica's potential rapist, all of these acts are because he cares deeply for people and wants to protect them.

We all know how much he loves Veronica. By delving into the dark crime world that surrounds Veronica's father, Archie will know just how dangerous the world is and how to protect Veronica from it. With this solid motivation, Archie might just go on to become the perfect mobster.

Whether this is just another hiatus hype that falls flat (like the lingering looks and kiss between Betty and Archie that lead nowhere) or not, we will all have to wait to see if Archie steps into the welcoming arms of the Lodge mobster family.

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