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Formula-E partner Roborace just hit another milestone on the road to fully autonomous, high-speed racing.

The self-driving series just shared some new proof that it's edging closer to the starting line with some new footage of its first full-speed, self-driven lap on a Formula-E track in Berlin. The video gives us look at how the autonomous system works from inside the cockpit, hitting a high speed of around 124 mph with no driver needed. 

The electric self-driving self-driving racing series, which was first announced in 2015, has ramped up its development with public demos throughout this year's Formula E season. It's still not quite ready to put its cars on the track for a real race — but the video proves that it's making progress. 

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The in-car footage isn't flashy, but it shows off the system doing exactly what it's supposed to do: blaze around the track as fast as it can. 

You can check out some more clips of the on-track action outside of the cockpit in another video posted last week, in which Roborace's engineers give some more insight about the successful trial laps.

The prototype Devbot car completed laps at multiple speed tiers, maxing out at 200 km/h, roughly 124 mph. That's just slightly slower than a standard Formula E car's top speed of >about 225 kph (140 mph), and the autonomous system handled the course at a level that was just eight percent off the mark set by a competitive human driver, but it's important to note that the Devbot was running on an empty track.

This is just the latest step in Roborace's development as it attempts to create the world's first autonomous racing series. The Devbots staged the first autonomous race on a street course in Buenos Aires back in February, and in May the series' Robocar took to the streets of Paris for its first road action. 

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