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We were all a little concerned to see the Nexus program come to an end, but Google assuaged our fears with the 2016 Pixel phones. They weren't the prettiest devices on the market, but the Pixels showed what was possible when Google got serious about making a phone. These devices had terrific cameras and consistently fast performance—even to this day the Pixel and Pixel XL are robust experiences. They were not perfect, though.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are a chance for Google to address some shortcomings from last year while keeping the things that worked. Google has done that for the most part. The new Pixel phones are still super-fast, and the cameras are even better than last year. The Pixel 2 also has a few new software tricks, and it's water-resistant. At the same time, Google has made the controversial decision to drop the headphone jack, and have you seen the big-honkin' bezels on the 5-inch Pixel 2? Yikes.

Even with the handful of questionable decisions, the Pixel 2 (particularly the XL) is a worthy successor to the OG Pixel. There are a lot of excellent Android phones in 2017, but the Pixel is still the best for most people.

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