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Sadhana, 65, has accused Lakdawala of trying to pressure her into vacating the Santacruz house she has lived in for 50 years. On Wednesday she lodged a written complaint with DCP (Zone IX) KMM Prasanna alleging that Lakdawala threatened her with death after a small tiff with some of his family members, who live in the same building.

The property in question is Sangeeta Bungalow, a two-storey building on Ram Krishna Mission Road, Santacruz, where Sadhana occupies the 3000 sq ft ground floor with her niece and servants. On the first floor lives the family of actress Baby Naaz, while the second floor is occupied by the family of Lakdawala's mother-in-law. All three families are tenants. The property is owned by Asha Bhosle.

According to Sadhana's complaint, the water supply to her house has been irregular for a few days and on Monday, she sent her secretary, Flora, to check the water tank on the terrace. Lakdawala's family allegedly did not allow Flora to enter the terrace and misbehaved with her. Sadhana then called Lakdawala who allegedly fought with her and threatened her.

Sadhana, 65, is under pressure to vacate her Santacruz house where she has been living for 50 years. The property is owned by Asha Bhosle

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Says Sadhana, "Lakdawala threatened me: 'Char gunde mangwa kar marwa dunga. Body bhi nahi milegi.' (I will get four goons and get you killed. No one will even find your body.) I am a peaceful person, but if someone threatens me, I know how to defend myself. That is why I complained to DCP Prasanna. He has assured me he will look into the matter personally."

Prasanna said, "I have asked an officer to investigate the matter. If what she says is true, an FIR will be lodged against Lakdawala."

Sadhana alleges Lakdawala has been troubling the tenants of Sangeeta Bungalow for several years. There have been skirmishes over the common terrace and the guards he has allegedly posted outside the house. She had earlier sought the help of MP Priya Dutt to remove them. "He just wants to usurp the property," she complained.

Lakdawala denied all allegations. "I never threatened Sadhana. I am also in no way associated with the redevelopment of the property."

Sadhana also claimed that sometime back, a friend informed her that Lakdawala had allegedly hired some Shiv Sainiks to attack her and her husband RK Nayyar.

"I met Balasaheb Thackeray who called Lakdawala and reprimanded him. My colleague Rajendra Kumar who was present at the meeting, and is a friend of Lakdawala, was annoyed with me for involving the Sena. But he found out later that Lakdawala wanted to redevelop the property and nursed a grudge against me for coming in the way. I told him that all I wanted was a house as big as the one I am living in.", Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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Builder threatened to kill me: Sadhana
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