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Where do you ""BLIND AND IGNORANT LIBERALS" come off with all your ""LIES AND YELLOW JOURNALISM"" about the Kendall Whittier neighborhood? I have lived in Kendall Whittier for almost 27 & 3/4 years (not by choice, I am on SSI disability) . Kendall Whittier is the most Dangerous, crime ridden, illegal drug ridden, lying, stealing, hustling, lowlife ridden, and trashy ghetto neighborhood in Tulsa outside of Tulsa's black Northside ghetto, which by the way Kendall Whittier is directly adjacent too .The only good thing about Kendall Whittier has been D. E. Ziegler picture framing and Art supply and the now out of business Swinney's Hardware store, even though Dan Ziegler and the late John Swinney Sr. wore and are wearing permanently affixed "prescription Rose Colored Glasses" they and their family run businesses have kept the neighborhood from becoming a 100+ percent Ghetto cesspool. Regarding the High and mighty "KENDALL WHITTIER MASTER PLAN" it's application was nothing more than pure ineffective liberalism, a waste of taxpayers money, liberal urban renewal and the needed replacement of public infrastructure ie Schools, libraries, and post offices

isn't one of the main responsibilities of a government (federal, state county. or city) the building maintenance and replacement of public infrastructure i.e. streets, roads, highways, libraries, post offices and the like, so why do we need special initiatives to get our cities government to take care of its inherent responsibilities. One suggestion in the Kendall Whittier master plan that would have helped the Neighborhood just north of I-244 which was totally ignored was to turn the intersection of North Lewis Place and Archer into a cul de sac thereby limiting traffic problems Why wasn't this worthwhile suggestion implemented. Finally the Circle Cinema which has been completely gutted and a modern theater built in it's place. The existing Circle Theater is a piece of worthless hypocrisy, nothing of the interior of the original thearer exists, I have been in it, including its 1920's commercial style Bathrooms which were torn out and not replaced and its original projection booth with it's low ceiling (I 'm 5"6' tall and the ceiling was too low, even for me) which was also torn out and not replaced the theater is not a old neighborhood theater that has been restored and up dated with modern theater equipment, it is a bastardized shell, even the original lobby card and poster display cases on the front of the Theater have been removed, discarded, and not replaced, so why, Why is the Circle Theater on the National Register of Historic Places, their is nothing historic left in the Circle Theater., index Latest News of business criminal law politics soccer sports celebrity lifestyle video images in the world and the world today.

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