A Complete History Of Taylor Swift's Squad

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Which brings us to an entirely different kind of female empowerment: The one in which you have the right to strut down a runway in nothing but your skivvies, if you so choose. Yes, Taylor was bitten by the model bug and she was bitten hard. After performing for Victoria's Secret's annual fashion show she became just as obsessed with all the models as America did—but the only difference was that Taylor has the ability to actually become friends with these people, whereas commoners like us have to settle for following them on Instagram and finding the least creepy way to copy all of their street style.

And become friends with them she did. 

Cara, Gigi, Karlie, Martha, Lily...the gang's all here! And by "here," we mean in Taylor's kitchen, wearing matching onesies, baking gluten-free, dairy-free cookies. The model squad era consisted of a whole lot of enviable sleepovers, marked with perfectly un-posed group shots and a whole lot of those aforementioned cookies. They of course filmed the video for "Bad Blood" together and made dozens of dished-about cameos on the 1989 tour, but it's the sleepovers that really go down in history. After all, do you have a guest room reserved specifically for Karlie Kloss?

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