9 Privacy Policy Phrases You Need To Know

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There’s a reason you’ve been getting a lot of emails recently about updated privacy policies—the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect on May 25. The new law requires companies that do business with users within the European Union's 28 countries to be more transparent about how they collect and use customers' information. That means that as a consumer, you should have more control over, or at least be able to better understand, your privacy.

Still, let’s face it—privacy policies are boring. They’re full of legal jargon, they're often complex, and the information they contain likely won’t stop you from using a service you need or purchasing a product you want. Most people don’t even read privacy policies, and research suggests that at least half of us don’t fully grasp their purpose.

While you can’t always know what goes on behind the scenes of a company, you can choose not to engage with a company or service provider if you don’t trust them to keep your information secure. Here’s what to look for in a privacy policy.


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9 Privacy Policy Phrases You Need To Know
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