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The Packers’ quarterback situation is suddenly very dire. Aaron Rodgers is likely out for the season with a broken collarbone, and the team now has to start Brett Hundley, a former fifth-round pick with 44 career NFL pass attempts. Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that behind Hundley is Joe Callahan, a former Division-III quarterback who has yet to set foot on an NFL field. It’s not exactly surprising, then, that Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was asked about potentially signing Colin Kaepernick during a press conference yesterday.

McCarthy did not seem to appreciate the question:

“Did you just listen to the question I just answered?” snapped McCarthy. “Okay, I got three years invested in Brett Hundley, two years invested in Joe Callahan, the quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be.”

I’m not sure if the quarterback room really is exactly where it needs to be.

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Source : https://deadspin.com/mike-mccarthy-snaps-at-reporter-for-asking-about-colin-1819612931

Mike McCarthy Snaps At Reporter For Asking About Colin Kaepernick
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