7 Things Millennials Want Generation Z To Know About Feminism

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The generational follow-up to millennials has been a long time coming, but only recently got a full-fledged definition — Generation Z, according to the Pew Center, is officially anyone born after 1996. And while you could make the case that this is probably the most progressive generation, well, ever, there are a few things we millennials want Generation Z to know about one of the key issues of the times we live in now: feminism.

You could say Gen Z is practically rewriting the book on feminism these days:

Millennials have seen a lot happen when it comes to women's rights. From the problematic girl power ethos of Sex & The City (heck, and Real Housewives, and KUWTK) to the invention of the term "intersectionality," by professor Kimberlé Crenshaw and its rise as a key tenet of feminism, we've been there for a lot of groundbreaking moments in the ongoing battle for women's equality. But Gen Z is paving its own path in activism, from the Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors creating a movement for gun control, to actors like Yara Shahidi, Rowan Blanchard, and Amandla Stenberg using their enormous platforms to promote equality.

While we millennials are hardly ready to give up fighting for women's equality (try stopping me), there's a lot we can pass on to the next generation. There's no set way on how to deal with misogynist trolls, and there are certain aspects of feminism, like the importance of reproductive rights, that we can assume Gen Z know already; but there are other aspects that y'all might need to hear. Listen up.

1Yes, You Still Need It


My generation went through this, as did the generation before them: hearing that "women are more equal than ever." The modern woman doesn't face exclusion from college, or voting, or jobs; hasn't feminism done what it's meant to do? Not by half. The #MeToo movement and its exposure of the huge issue of sexual assault and harassment for women across the world is one piece of a truth that's still startlingly real: women are still treated as lesser than in many ways, some explicit, many hidden deep inside cultural norms.

The conclusions of feminism may seem obvious to people who've grown up with it as fact (and, truthfully, they should be obvious), but that doesn't mean that there isn't work to be done — or that other members of your generation aren't going to perpetuate old attitudes that keep women down.

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7 Things Millennials Want Generation Z To Know About Feminism
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