6 Year Old Takes Down Santa In Scathing Letter: 'Your Life Is Empty'

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A young boy's brutal takedown of Santa Claus is going viral on Twitter.

A young boy's brutal takedown of Santa Claus is going viral on Twitter.  (iStock)

Geez, kid!

The spirit of the holiday season has seemingly eluded a young Santa “skeptic,” seeing as he basically told St. Nick to take a hike in a hilarious, somewhat unsettling Christmas letter.

NPR reporter Sarah McCammon originally shared her 6-year-old son’s takedown with her Twitter followers on Sunday, explaining that her son was only “to write a letter to Santa at school.”

My 6yo Santa skeptic was told to write a letter to Santa at school. So he did... pic.twitter.com/XUFGMnXDFT

— Sarah McCammon NPR (@sarahmccammon) December 3, 2017

“Dear Santa,” he wrote. “I’m only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. And your life is emty. You don’t know the trouble I’ve had in my life. Good bye.”


“I’m not telling you my name,” he added, presumably before scribbling the many skulls and Christmas wreaths that decorate the margins of his worksheet.

McCammon’s tweet — or more accurately, her son’s letter — has since amassed more than 74,000 “likes” and over 25,000 retweets, as well as over 750 comments from shocked, amused, and appreciative Twitter followers.

i think if a six year old told me my life is “emty” in that ruthlessly honest way kids speak, i would really have to take a hard look at myself and search for where i lost my way

— cold chirpy hopster (@emeraldskies) December 4, 2017

I think the six-year-old is destined for a career in journalism. Awesome.

— KANtext (@KANtext) December 4, 2017

Does it say 'die' in the mailbox?

— David Kroll (@davidkroll) December 4, 2017

🤣👏 ✊ pic.twitter.com/Os76bHLBVS

— Rebecca I. Allen (@rebeccaallen) December 3, 2017

Several other commenters and parents took the opportunity to share their own similar dealings of skeptical, Santa-denying children, including one who informed a taxi driver of Santa’s death, and another who told his nursery class that Santa was invented by Coca-Cola executives.

My son was 3 when he told other children in his nursery class that Santa was invented by Coca Cola. He also said if he had to believe in a god it would be the Greek gods because they are more interesting. Sorry...

— Su Butcher (@SuButcher) December 4, 2017

Like my friends who decided not to 'do' Santa as they were church people and explained the story of St Nicholas. Taxi driver says, "What is Santa bringing you this year?"

"Nothing. Santa's dead."

— Carol Fry (@CVFry) December 4, 2017

whoa, he out skeptic’d 7yo me by a mile! (both in the squint-&-frown club, tho) https://t.co/5VJhi1ofLJ

— Stark Ave (@FelixFardo) December 4, 2017


McCammon, meanwhile, says followers shouldn’t be completely alarmed by her son’s bleak beliefs.

“PS — the "troubles" in his life? His brother,” she clarified. “Don't call child services.”

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