50 Year Old Superheroes Present New Challenges For Hollywood Fitness Gurus

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With age comes wisdom, the saying goes. But survey Hollywood's growing crop of middle-aged action stars and you'll likely conclude that age also brings huge pecs and massive delts. As franchises Mission: Impossible (which debuted in 1996), The Fast and the Furious (2001) and Iron Man and the Marvel universe it spawned (2008) continue to churn out sequels, their stars Tom Cruise, 55, Vin Diesel, 50, and Robert Downey Jr., 52, have to look as ripped as they did when they took the roles 10, 15 or even 20 years ago. Often more so. Because even as the stars age, body standards for action heroes are getting more extreme.

"Historically, the ideal superhero or action star was constructed around a sturdy build and a ruggedly handsome face," says Dr. Philip Goglia, the nutritionist behind Chris Pratt's miraculous transformation for Guardians of the Galaxy (the third installment won't arrive until at least 2020, when Pratt will be 42). "Each year the stakes are raised," says Goglia. And because vets like Cruise, who is in preproduction on the Top Gun sequel and was also recently injured on the set of >Mission: Impossible 6, and Hugh Jackman, 48, who just ended his 17-year, nine-film run as the shredded Wolverine, have proved it's possible to remain ripped over the course of a long franchise, even mature stars first stepping into these roles are expected to look jacked.

Compare the physical demands placed on the rumor-plagued Ben Affleck, 44, for Batman v. Superman and the upcoming Justice League, with Bat predecessors Michael Keaton, George Clooney and Christian Bale. Director Zack Snyder asked for the biggest, strongest Batman yet, says Affleck's trainer Walter Norton Jr.: "He wanted a physically imposing heavyweight MMA fighter, and the people who designed the batsuit modeled it after Arnold Schwarzenegger." After the 6-foot-4 Affleck dropped down to 198 pounds and 6.8 percent body fat for 2010's The Town, Norton had to get him up to 225 pounds to play Batman two years later. "You realize how insanely high the bar has been raised," says the Boston-based trainer.

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50-Year-Old Superheroes Present New Challenges for Hollywood Fitness Gurus
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