5 Times Hollywood Media Asked Bollywood Actors Super Weird Questions

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WHY THEY MATTER With one of the wealthiest, most educated audiences in morning news (and the president often a viewer), their show remains MSNBC's crown jewel. And on the ratings front, it's delivering big in the Trump era: For the first quarter of 2017, Morning Joe averaged 793,000 total viewers (ahead of CNN's 584,000, but still trailing Fox & Friends) — 182,000 in the coveted 25-to-54 demo — and posted the biggest total audience in the 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. period in MSNBC history. Joe capped off March by beating CNN for the 25th straight month and posting a gain of 43 percent in total viewers. Divorced mother of two Brzezinski, 49, made headlines in March with her Kellyanne Conway ban, while the right-leaning Scarborough, 54 — twice divorced and a father of four — attended Trump's speech to Congress in February (though he increasingly is critical of the president). "We could either have a president who rebounds if he follows the advice of many of his allies, who are saying, 'Reach out to Democrats and be a unifying figure,' or we could be headed toward what Mika fears, a possible constitutional crisis," says Scarborough. "The fact that we have no idea which path Donald Trump is going to lead this country down is what makes our job so challenging."


Scarborough: "I always ask, 'How are you doing? How's your family? How are you holding up?' After that, we'll ask, 'What the hell are you doing surrounding yourself with people in the White House who have never run anything in Washington before?' " Brzezinski: "He has the capacity to do so much better. I want to know, 'Why?' "

DREAM INTERVIEW Scarborough: "Even with the specter of nuclear war with North Korea, it would be Paul McCartney." Brzezinski: Vladimir Putin

HILLARY’S NEXT ACT SHOULD BE … Scarborough: “She ought to run for mayor of New York. I think that would be a good opportunity for her.” Brzezinski: “New York Mayor. Great for New York. Great for women.”

HAS TRUMP CALLED? Scarborough: “Yeah, we talk to him. We haven’t in a couple weeks, but Mika and I went to lunch at the White House [in January]. And I went there before his address [to Congress]. There’s obviously a strain because we’ve been very critical of his first two months in the White House.”

PREFERRED NEWS DETOX Scarborough: “I put my phone in the drawer and I’ve been doing it more and more lately. It kind of drives Mika crazy, but I will now go 5-6 hours at a time.” Brzezinski: “I don’t. I am always on. Always with the news.”

EVER HAD A “BBC DAD” MOMENT? Scarborough: “Mika did. As a kid, she created two international incidents [her father is diplomat Zbigniew Brzezinski], the first being when she was at Camp David for the most historic peace accords in recent American history, and she was driving the golf cart with Amy Carter and actually hit Menachem Begin, who was negotiating with Anwar Sadat, and almost ran him over and killed him. The second one for Mika was when America opened relations with China in 1978. They were at Mika’s father’s house. And Mika was serving. And she actually dropped caviar on the leader of China’s crotch. Deng Xiaoping. And then made matters worse as a 9-year-old girl by immediately trying to wipe it off. Cyrus Vance, the secretary of state, was sitting next to him and was horrified.”

WHAT TIME THE ALARM GOES OFF Scarborough: “4:30 a.m.” Brzezinski: “3:30 a.m.”

FAVORITE NYC DISH Scarborough: “The chicken paillard at the Polo Bar.” Brzezinski: “Shun Lee takeout.”

MOST NEW YORK MOMENT IN THE PAST YEAR Brzezinski: “We were at Trump Tower the Sunday after the election. I looked down from Trump’s living room to the Plaza Hotel and the park. I was awestruck by how beautiful the city was. And I could just feel the political tectonic shift our world was taking in that moment. I took a picture. I have it in my phone, and I will keep it forever.”

WHO TO FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA Scarborough: “John Podhoretz.” Brzezinski: “Laura Brown of InStyle. She’s hilarious.”

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