5 Things Parents Forget About Being A Teenager

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Ashley from >Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant promised that her baby shower would be an event you wouldn’t want to miss, and boy was she right. She and her boyfriend

Bar, and their mothers, had an all-out brawl during the Monday, March 19, episode of the latest Teen Mom spinoff. Also,

Kyler gave

Lexi some devastating news that nearly broke her. Check out the 5 biggest moments from the episode below.

Ashley’s Baby Shower Turns Ugly

It’s no secret that Bar’s mom is causing major problems. Ashley tried to be civil and invite her to the baby shower, but was worried that her mom and Bar’s mom would go at it due to their tumultuous past. When the day came, Bar’s mom was almost immediately acting up. Bar told his mom not to be petty. All hell broke loose when his mom tried to say goodbye to the baby (a.k.a. Ashley’s stomach) and she pulled away. A huge screaming match erupted between Ashley, Bar and both their moms.

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“You’re not even welcome here,” Ashley told Bar’s mom, and then told Bar to “check that bitch.”

“Don’t call my mom a bitch,” Bar screamed at his baby’s mother. Ashley and her mom were both sobbing after Bar’s mom flipped them the middle finger as she drove away. It’s safe to say that’s a baby shower you won’t soon forget.

Bar's mom shower
Bar’s mom. MTV


Kyler Breaks Lexi’s Heart All Over Again

Lexi just wants to be back with Kyler. She still wears the promise ring he gave her every day because without it she would be “missing a part of (her).” And with only nine weeks left in her pregnancy, the two needed to figure out their relationship status.

“I don’t want to hear an answer that I don’t want to hear,” Lexi told her mom about being scared to ask.

When Lexi did bring it up, she was definitely disappointed.

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“I’m not quite ready to be locked down,” Kyler said. “When we were dating, you were, like, super clingy.”

He went on to say she acted like a “fly that gets stuck in a spider web” and admitting he wanted to date other people. Lexi was totally, and understandably, crushed.


Brianna-and-Danae argument
Brianna and Danae MTV


Questions His Relationship With Brianna

Danae has always been ready to step up to the plate with

Brianna and doesn’t even consider leaving her. Well, until he and Brianna had a blowup fight. He wanted to hang out with his friends without her, but she chased after the car barefoot and jumped in. She then decided she just wanted to go home and walked all the way there alone, barefoot and very pregnant. She was in disbelief that her boyfriend would just let her go home alone like that.

“Things like this can’t happen when the baby is here,” Brianna told him.

He tried to call his mom for advice, but she wasn’t much help. Danae was feeling very lost.

“No matter what I do, Brianna, no matter what I say, I will never be perfect for you,” he said. It’s unclear where they stand at the end of the episode, but it’s not a good place that’s for sure.

Jade Discovers Some Surprising News About Her Mother

Jade’s dad just failed a drug test and lost his job and he and her mom are living in hotel rooms. Both Jade and her boyfriend, Sean, are uncomfortable having them around their child once the baby is born because her parents are in such a bad place. Jade tried to do everything she could to get through to her mom so she could fix their relationship. She told her mom the only reason she wouldn’t let her see the baby is if she was doing drugs.

“I would never do anything to put your baby in harm’s way,” her mom insured her.

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Jade didn’t believe that her mom was sober and met up with her grandmother for guidance, who told her she forced Jade’s mom to take a drug test. To everyone’s surprise, her mom passed.

“I can’t even believe that she passed it,” Jade said, adding that it’s “just a matter of time” until her mom gets herself into a bad situation again.

Kayla Tells Off Stephan

Kayla and

Stephan seemed to be improving their relationship, until he started ditching her and acting suspicious. Then, Kayla found out he was hanging out with the girl he cheated on her with. She called him out and told him they were over for good.

“How are you going to watch me break down and go home and have sex with her when you just saw me cry about it?” Kayla cried. “You just don’t do that to someone you claim that you love.”

He came over and blamed her for everything, ending it by saying he doesn’t want her to care if something were to happen to him from now on. “If I wasn’t pregnant, this would be a lot easier,” Kayla said.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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