4 Detox Spas That Bollywood Stars Visit To Lose Weight And Get Fit

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We bring you some infused waters that are brilliant for you…

Fruity detox water

Fruits are an extremely important part of your diet but many nutritionists advise against juicing them up. You can enjoy the goodness of these fruits by adding them to water. It even makes for the perfect summer drink. So how do we go about it? Slice a watermelon, strawberry and kiwi and put these in a bottle of water. Let it sit for a few hours and you have a bottle of fruity goodness.

Lemon, mint and cucumber detox water

Want to slim down? You must have heard the ‘evergreen’ drink up advice. Drinking plenty of water is considered to be the perfect detox but if you add a couple of more elements to it, it can work on speeding your metabolism and flushing the toxins out effectively. Here’s the recipe: Add a handful of mint, sliced lemon and cucumber to a bottle of water. Let it sit for a couple of hours and your detox drink is ready. If you want, you can have 2-3 bottles ready for optimum results.

Apple cinnamon slimming water

Want to enjoy a zero calorie drink? If you are thinking about Coke Zero or Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, they will never solve the purpose. You can make your own zero calorie drink. Here’s how- Thinly slice an apple and take a few cinnamon sticks. Add them both to a bottle of water and let it sit in fridge. You can add apples and cinnamon sticks as per your taste. If you want a stronger taste, add more quantity of fruit.

Aloe drink

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6 delicious detox waters to burn body fat!
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