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Not standing for the national anthem has been a controversial topic for more than a year, and on Thursday, Republican lawmakers in Montgomery proposed a resolution urging everyone to show respect for the flag during the National Anthem and pledge of allegiance. 

“What we’re expressing is the view of the legislature that reflects the view of most Alabamians, basically if you have an issue you want to raise, then find a constructive way to do it,” state representative (R) Jack Williams said. 

Williams believes kneeling is not the answer. It all started in 2016 when NFL player Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem, to protest racial inequality, and for the past year, we’ve seen athletes sit, or kneel during the anthem across the country from high schools to the big leagues. 

The proposed resolution would not enforce anyone to stand or show respect, neither can legal action be made. For state representative (D) Juandalynn Givan, she believes it’s one’s own choice to stand, sit, or kneel, not the state. 

“That’s foolery, that’s their right and your right as a citizen, there’s nothing in our constitution that says I have to support the United States flag or patriotism in this country,” said Givan, state representative (D). 

As for UAB basketball coach Robert Ehsan, he agrees with republican lawmakers, and has a policy in place for his players and that’s to stand during the anthem. 

“As a coaching staff we agree. I think it’s a good thing, we’ve had a couple of conversations about the protests and our players are on board with standing for the national anthem as well,” Ehsan said. 

Lawmakers will vote on the proposed resolution during the legislative session which begins in January. 

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Source : http://www.wsfa.com/story/37072555/alabama-lawmakers-propose-resolution-urging-citizens-to-show-respect-for-the-us-flag

Alabama lawmakers propose resolution urging citizens to show respect for the U.S. Flag
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