4 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Business's Local SEO

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When it comes to optimizing your business to maximize your search visibility and increase profits from that channel, there is nothing more important than making sure you are well positioned in local SERPS.

People generally include the name of the specific community, neighborhood or city they are considering when searching for real estate information so if you’re in a conspicuous position, you stand a much greater chance of being contacted and getting to close the deal.

While many of the factors involved in ranking high in SERPs generally also apply when trying to rank well for local queries, here are 4 of them that are particularly important for local SEO:

1. Content – Content is still king when it comes to SEO. If you have a blog, make sure that it’s regularly updated with information that is relevant to the neighborhood and people who might be interested in getting a property there.

Apart from making sure your posts are informative, keyword research is a crucial factor in getting your website before the right eyeballs.

Use the Google search bar to find long-tail keywords and use Google Adwords and Analytics to help you prioritize the keywords for maximum effectiveness.


On-site SEO – The devil is in the details, and that’s not truer anywhere than it is in SEO. Get a professional SEO firm like the one at 

https://inboundrem.com to perform an audit on your website and make sure that all the metadata, title tags and your XML sitemap are in order.

Schema markup is also very important. It helps the search engine bots to understand your site and provide more accurate results to queries that include the keywords you’re trying to rank for.


Directories – In trying to ensure the authenticity of businesses they display to people who make local queries, Google prioritizes businesses that have citations (your business name, address and phone number) in reputable online directories.

There are general directories and others that are specific to real estate agents. They scour the web and list websites they find. The problem with them is that the company pages are often inaccurate, outdated or with broken links.

To maximize the impact on your SEO, search for your business name and claim ownership of all the listings you find. Edit them to remove any inaccuracies and keep them updated.


Mobile – Mobile searches resulting in offline purchases were

up to 78% last year, which is not surprising when one considers how much mobile search has grown in recent times.

If your website is not optimized for mobile surfing, you’re probably losing money that way. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly pages when people search from a smartphone or tablet and even if your site shows up in the first page, the slow (compared to mobile-optimized sites) speed will likely turn people off and make them skip to the next website.

Make sure you get a professional and check the sites they’ve worked on via Google mobile-friendly test to see how responsive the sites they’ve worked on are. That’ll help you determine which contractor is best for you.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Business's Local SEO
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