4 Go To Beard Styles—and How You Can Get Them

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This will take a few months or more to grow, and it only works on guys who can grow a full beard. Shim notes that every guy’s beard will fill in differently as it reaches this length. It's important to visit your barber for some professional hedge trimming as it grows to help coach it into place. It’s a lot like a long hairstyle: It needs to be layered shorter in some places and kept longer in others.

In general, you won’t want to trim it for the first month or more. But the mustache will need more regular maintenance to keep the hair off the lips, but the rest of the style requires patience and a few grooming products. Shim says that the beard should be conditioned with a beard lotion, like the Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner ($20, Buy It Here), to make it less itchy and easier to sculpt. You can use your mustache wax to tame any strays and maintain the rounded beard shape, too. Otherwise, a softening beard balm, like The Roosevelts Glacier Beard Balm ($18, Buy It Here), works as a great styler. You’ll do the sculpting with your hands, meeting them at the bottom of the beard in the same way you would scoop water in your palms. Use a comb to coach any strays into place.

After the first month or two, you will need to trim the sides regularly while the chin grows longer. You can comb the hair against the grain and trim it at an easier angle—only snipping a few millimeters at a time, once a week—in order to maintain this permanent length. You can also trim strays that refuse to stay in line, which will happen more frequently at longer lengths.

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4 Go-To Beard Styles—and How You Can Get Them
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