24 Books That Will Change Your Life Forever, According To My Coworkers

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"Jon Krakauer's firsthand account of climbing Mount Everest during the deadly 1996 season is by turns thrilling and horrifying. Years later, he said that summiting the world's tallest mountain was the biggest mistake of his life, and that he was still dealing with the emotional aftermath. He produced a thrilling and deeply moving piece of journalism, but at what cost? It gave me a lot of food for thought about my chosen profession." —Jacqui Kenyon, strategy syndication editor

Amazon synopsis: "A bank of clouds was assembling on the not-so-distant horizon, but journalist-mountaineer Jon Krakauer, standing on the summit of Mt. Everest, saw nothing that 'suggested that a murderous storm was bearing down.' He was wrong. The storm, which claimed five lives and left countless more — including Krakauer's — in guilt-ridden disarray, would also provide the impetus for Into Thin Air, Krakauer's epic account of the May 1996 disaster.

"By writing 'Into Thin Air,' Krakauer may have hoped to exorcise some of his own demons and lay to rest some of the painful questions that still surround the event. He takes great pains to provide a balanced picture of the people and events he witnessed and gives due credit to the tireless and dedicated Sherpas. He also avoids blasting easy targets such as Sandy Pittman, the wealthy socialite who brought an espresso maker along on the expedition. Krakauer's highly personal inquiry into the catastrophe provides a great deal of insight into what went wrong. But for Krakauer himself, further interviews and investigations only lead him to the conclusion that his perceived failures were directly responsible for a fellow climber's death. Clearly, Krakauer remains haunted by the disaster, and although he relates a number of incidents in which he acted selflessly and even heroically, he seems unable to view those instances objectively. In the end, despite his evenhanded and even generous assessment of others' actions, he reserves a full measure of vitriol for himself."


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