2018: The Golden Globes’ Year Of (Literal) Fashion Statements

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Natalie Portman

What she wore: “We realize how much louder and stronger our voices can be together.”

Ann Dowd

What she wore:

That the organization is raising funds to support women who don’t have the freedom to speak up, that’s huge. That’s what makes a difference. I think it’s just getting started. I think a huge percentage of men are on board too. Who think enough is enough.”

Danielle Brooks

What she wore:

I stand and I give. You can help too by giving to the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund which helps people who need financial aid in cases of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse.”

Shonda Rhimes

What she wore: “At home with the flu so my black dress stays on the hanger but my #TIMESUP pin will be on my PJs! Wear black at home with all of us.”

Nitya Khanna

What she wore: “I wear black in my college room on Sunday in India to support young girls and women who are harassed and abused at places of education. Grateful to be in a world where this has become unacceptable.”

Rosario Dawson

What she wore: “We wear black to symbolize solidarity. That the death knell has struck on abuse of power and that it’s time to celebrate each other. Not just the nominees on our film and television screens, but our storytellers who have bravely come forward and courageously shared their personal stories, which have liberated so many of us.”

Brie Larson

What she wore: “Together we can end harassment, discrimination, and abuse from the power imbalances we all face in the workplace.”

Alison Brie

What she wore: “I am wearing black to stand in solidarity with all of the women who have come out about being sexually harassed and abused. I’m so in awe of the bravery it took for the first few to come forward. They are heroes.”

William H. Macy

What he wore: “A lot of people are fired up that needed to get fired up. I have two daughters, 15 and 17, and they’re fired up in way I haven’t seen since the ’60s. I think it’s changed their lives.”

Amber Tamblyn

What she wore: “Tonight is not a mourning. Tonight is an awakening."

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2018: The Golden Globes’ Year of (Literal) Fashion Statements
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