2 Dads Forced To Put 'mother's Maiden Name' On Kids' SIN Forms

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A same-sex Nova Scotia couple says Service Canada must update its forms so men don't have to declare a "maiden name" in order to get social insurance numbers for their children. 

Nick Bonnar and Graham MacDonnell are starting education savings plans for their three children, which requires getting social insurance numbers from Service Canada. When Bonnar went to do that, the agent told him he had to provide a maiden name to complete and process the electronic form. 

"They had Graham's name listed there and I said, 'Well all the details are correct, however, they're not, because you know he's not the mother,'" Bonnar told CBC News Thursday. 

Bonnar said the agent told him the systems have not been updated to reflect the changes in Canadian law and society. "I said, 'I don't think this is appropriate,' and she said, 'Well, the systems are what they are and this is where we are at.'"

Government wants to hear of similar issues

MacDonnell said the forms need to be changed for many families like their own. The couple noted that single-parent families could face a similar problem. 

"The kids have enough to explain with their history and going forward, so to have one extra thing that sets them apart from everyone else is kind of ridiculous," he said. 

Graham MacDonnell helps two of his kids get ready for school. Service Canada listed his name as their 'mother's maiden name' to get their social insurance numbers. (CBC)

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Source : http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/2-dads-forced-to-put-mother-s-maiden-name-on-kids-sin-forms-1.4482428

2 dads forced to put 'mother's maiden name' on kids' SIN forms
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